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Free Minecraft Account – Minecraft Hack [Undetected No Surveys]

Free Minecraft Account – Minecraft Hack
Get A Free Minecraft Account Today!

Our team of 5 developers and hackers have recently developed a seal-proof hack to Minecraft that allows you to generate a Premium Minecraft Account with any Username you want, even if it’s already taken!


This is the official Minecraft Account Cracker tutorial. Gain the experience that admins of the game Minecraft. With this program you can get access to every account you want. The Minecraft Account Cracker is really simple to use.

You just have to choose an username, type it in and choose if the account is premium or not. Now you have to wait a few secounts, until the Minecraft Account Cracker has done the job. Now your requested password is decrypted. Just user the username and the password to login on the website or the Minecraft client. User the new account to enter premium only server, be admin on server or just fool around. The Minecraft Account Cracker
is a program with no costs at all to the user and fully legitime.

The progress is based on an exploit at the official minecraft database. Through this exploit we are able to recive the encrypted password of the requested account. This encrypted gets cracked by the Minecraft Account Cracker tool by using a private technology to speed up the progress of cracking. Millions of possible passwords are tested in a short ammount of time. Even if the computer of the user is very slow.

How does this work ?


1. You have to type in a valid username of the account he wants to crack.


2.  Then  select if your targeted account is Premium or not.


3. Start the cracking progress by pressing this button.


4. Wait until the cracking progress in finished. DO NOT click any buttons during the cracking progress.


5. Get the cracked passwords by clicking this button.


6. Use the password to login on the Minecraft Client or on the official Minecraft website.


7. Now you can reset the tool and repeat step 1-6 as often as you want.

Updated and working as of:
Mirror Downloads
Does this tool Work ?

9,468 / 72

While it is fun to portray Minecraft stars and heroes, you can’t forget the fact that you’re getting a Free Minecraft Account with unlimited name changes.

How to download the Minecraft Account Cracker:
1. Click one of the download buttons.

2. Click on the “Download” – Button.

3. Choose one survey, and complete it. If you got stucked watch this: Video Tutorial

4. Now you can download the file with your Minecraft Account Cracker in it.

5. Have fun with the new Minecraft Accounts.

(We have to do this, to continue updating this tool.)



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